Hiroshima Three Arrows 2020 season Home Jersey

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Nike and Japan's J League Hiroshima Three Arrows (Sanfrecce Hiroshima) jointly unveiled the team's new home jersey for the 2020 season. Adhering to the concept of "tradition and innovation", the team presented a unified traditional purple image from head to toe for the first time in five years. Inspired by the arrows and arrow feathers in the club badge, the extremely dynamic diagonal lines boldly show the flying state of sharp arrows and the texture of arrow feathers, and at the same time represent the image of players with superb skills and fast running on the court.

Following the club's traditional color mix, and based on Nike's "MAKE ME FIRST, MAKE ME LETHAL" design for 2020, the New Jersey continues to aim to improve athletic performance, breathability, and comfort, the threat, and effectiveness of the New Jersey are significantly better than the previous versions.

Hiroshima Three Arrows 2020 season Home Jersey

The design of the New Jersey is similar to the powerful paw prints of the black bears in Chūgoku Mountains, which use their powerful attacks to intimidate and deter enemies who enter their territory, he also expressed his determination to contribute to the team's success even if his body was cut off. The design covers the whole body and is more creative and aggressive than ever before. From the point of view of rational use of resources, in order to effectively reduce waste, each Jersey sleeve pattern is slightly different.

 * The word "China" is used in conjunction with the westernmost part of Honshū, not the People's Republic of China. Hiroshima Prefecture lies in China

Hiroshima Three Arrows 2020 season Home Jersey

As in recent seasons, the New Jersey not only embodies Nike's signature detail design, but also provides players with performance innovations, Jersey technology, and sustainability. According to different parts of the body configuration of different ventilation density, more effective absorption and evaporation of sweat, so that players always keep dry and comfortable, in the best condition into the game. In detail, as a symbol of the club, the three Golden Arrows are placed in the collar of the shirt; the right sleeve has the words "Hiroshima"; the Left Sleeve shows the slogan "One Ball. One world" and the logo, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Little Boy bombing, and to continue to send a message of peace to the world through football.


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