USA Home and away jerseys for 2020

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Nike teamed up with the U.S. Football Association (USSF) to launch the U.S. national team's new home and away jerseys for the 2020 season. For the first time in 2020, the U.S. team will be represented by the word "States. ". From the glory behind the away Jersey (and the back of the socks) to the front of the Blazer to the back of the training jacket, the word "States" will be prominent.

Simple White Home Jerseys embellished with rich detail. The blue-collar transitions to a red and white stripe at the back of the neck collar, inspired by the American flag. The Stripe Design on the side of the shirt is based on laboratory data on the deformation of the side of the shirt when a player makes a hard kick. When the player is standing still, the stripes on the side of the shirt are staggered, but when the player swings his legs widely, the stripes on the side of the shirt will line up. The Nike Futura Logo appears on the left breast of the shirt and on the socks, and the US is the only country to use this version of the Nike logo in all-new gear by 2020.

USA Home and away jerseys for 2020

Away Jerseys are accented with red and blue obsidian. The abstract designs on the jerseys were hand-drawn by the Nike Design Team and were inspired by the CAMO elements in fashion design. Players generally prefer a three-dimensional logo, and in return for feedback, this and all 2020 national team jerseys will return to tradition, the raised embroidery makes the emblem more solid and prominent (the national team badge and Futura Font logo will not appear on the shirts for this summer's games in Tokyo). Team USA's line-up is filled with the country's love of sports and its pursuit of style. Like sportswear, the word "States" will also appear on Team USA's sportswear.

Of the many national teams wearing Nike Jerseys, each has a unique history and culture. In 2020, the series of products with different styles will present the unique charm of different countries. Based on the success of the 2018 Nigerian national team product line, Nike has taken a deep cultural approach and worked closely with each team to ensure that the product design truly reflects the cultural characteristics of each team. From hand-drawn typography to Bespoke typography, every team will have the style of Nothing in Common. Instead of a traditional Stencil, Nike's designers created 65 different frames for different countries to choose from, including different collar, sleeve, logo position, and other design elements. In addition to the art of Jersey design, technological innovation is always the most important part of the Jersey design process, and it all comes from the laboratory. In the lab, Nike collected data on more than 300 soccer players and their movements. The team used 4D visualization technology to analyze the performance of Jersey in terms of fabric ductility, drape and fit before the garment was ready. Using the generated design, Nike's New Jersey in the moisture permeability, breathability, and ductility of previous products were optimized. Precision knitting techniques are also used where necessary and to enhance air permeability in areas where heat is readily generated. Up Close, Jersey appears intricately woven, and seen from a distance, the knitting process does not affect the artistic feel of each National Team Jersey.



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