Do you know the differences between player version jersey(Authentic) and fan version jersey(stadium grade)?

There are a lot of Soccer fans who loves soccer and understands soccer but not necessarily know about the soccer jersey, as a fan, how much do you know about soccer jersey and the difference between fans version jersey(stadium grade) and player version jersey(Authentic)? The clothes looks same, but there are a lot of difference in the details.

here is it

1.The fabric is not the same. Fans version(stadium grade) is the general cotton yarn or environmental protection fiber while players version is environmental protection fiber, which is the fiber made by recycling plastic bottle. The fabric of player version (Authentic) is more breathable and tighter fitting, cutting is tight as far as possible. The fabric air permeability of fans version is a little bad.

2.The logo design technology is not the same. The logo of player version uses a heat binding technology imprinted on the jersey, such design can reduce the weight of the jersey and player body contact. And the fans version uses consistent sewing or embroidery on the design of the jersey.

3.The version is not the same. Slim fit cut of player version(Authentic) is as far as possible thin and breathable, The details are more delicate, the version to more accord with the player’s trunk lines, which looks more slim more stereo.

4.The structure is not the same. Most fans version(stadium grade) are single layer structure while player version(Authentic) adopts double-layer heat dissipation structure, is better to separate number and id and skin when doing sports, and the inner is full of pores on the vest, can put the sweat  produced during the movement from the body.

5.The price is not the same. Of course, player version(Authentic) is more expensive than fans version(stadium grade).

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