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busy this week

The king series didn’t care about the update

but in order not to disappoint you

I still gritted my teeth and stayed up all night

out of the long story

Please also when you are watching

Don’t forget to lend me another 10,000 likes

thank you all

This week’s plot list compared to last week

The scene is more explosive

The momentum is more magnificent

more brilliant

stop talking nonsense

Let’s take a look at the superstar candidates of the week

1C Ronaldo was selected for two passes and one shot to show the style of a master

850 balls to unlock career new achievements

have to say

A domestic blind monk really enlightened my brother Luo

Ever since I was pissed off by that guy

Luo Ge Ren Du’s second pulse will be opened in one go

He now

Know how to use your rich experience

to contribute to the team

And his stats are still steadily improving.

This round of away challenge to Hasimwaro is still two blossoms

While making fans and sunspots happy

Help the team defeat their opponents

It can be said that he takes great credit

Opening only 2 minutes

Varo will take Garib to knock back

Play Desert Lightning five sides in the penalty area

At the beginning, the other party was staring at 4 people

But when Luo Ge stayed farther away, he dispersed again.

4 minutes

Varo picks up the pass and goes in

Like muzo possessed volley

Too bad it didn’t come first

In the 6th minute, Mane knocked horizontally

Valo surprised the other two with a surprise surprise.

This is what happens to top players

And when a teammate scores from an offside position

Varo also did not forget to act cute to the referee

really cute

Ever since I was answered by someone with my eyes open and blind

Luo Ge is becoming more and more polite to referees

Also very good 17th minute

Varo again

The ball from the wing reproduced the subtlety and was accidentally cut off

22 minutes

Cristiano Ronaldo gets the ball at the front of the penalty area

Changing the angle and kicking the shot caused the opponent’s goalkeeper to drop

In the 26th minute, Hazim took a free kick.

Rogge jumps high into the penalty area with a header

Wiener immediately hit the ball and played very threatening

Thank goodness the ball didn’t go in

Suddenly public opinion is unimaginable

In the 31st minute, Liard took a corner kick

It’s Varo who leaps high and grabs the head hammer, which is extremely threatening

32 minutes

Varro gets the ball and advances to the front of the penalty area

Give away cosmic shoe plugs

Garib followed up with the push to break the deadlock

Big Brother has to step up and make way

The assist in this field is the true love Garib

look at this ball again

The opponent’s defense line is almost staring at Ronaldo

But ignored the little guy who plugged in

This is how star power is a threat on the court

Liard made a comeback in the 44th minute

Man inside shot is saved

Otavio gets the ball back

Garibe kicks the ball into the stands

Look at me, Brother Luo, jumping up

You can’t sweep a low ball

Later, I found out that this product really doesn’t work.

48 minutes

It’s Maro taking over the inverted triangle from Ma Nei again

shoot in the foot

Force the goalkeeper to make world-class saves

At the beginning of the second half, Mane hit the goal and hit the post

Varo’s shot almost scored

What a pity

In the 55th minute, Varro got the ball and fell to the ground

referee ignores

watch replay

56 minutes

Valo takes Bi Luo back to his seat

Immediately after a Liard roundabout, the ball is randomly advanced

Bi Luo knows how to send a straight pass

Varro’s selfless goal

Let the little brother Otavio shoot the empty goal

This is Lao Luo reconciling with himself to make everyone happy

If you want to kick the ball like this

Riyadh is really expected to win the championship

Afterwards, Varo once again displayed his magnificent technique to shock everyone.

67 minutes

Mane’s inverted triangle return to the seat was blocked

The ball comes to Garib’s feet

A little guy who’s good at shooting himself

Random horizontal knock

Varo wins the ball and kills the game with one kick

Then he repeated the iconic celebration

But I don’t know why it didn’t finish

full stretch too bad


It is also the 850th goal of the Portuguese career

the saga continues

game final moments

Another cosmic thru from Valo

It’s a pity that my teammates run too slowly

If this is the boss, they Bolt will not be able to catch up

And with the recent excellent performance

Varro also tops the goals and assists charts

as long as you don’t live

The strength of the No. 1 star in the desert is proper

Finally let’s keep shouting wahlo

Whoa whoa whoa

It is really great wisdom to reconcile with yourself

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